Oasis Network – A blockchain for the management of confidential data

Oasis Network is a new proof of stake blockchain network , dedicated to data control. The platform will provide access to many services, focused on the sharing, analysis and confidentiality of personal data.

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The general presentation of the project is available in our columns. Today we will focus on the technical aspect of Oasis Network. Several companies are already using a blockchain, or a distributed ledger, to “tokenize” data. Let’s see how Oasis differs from its competitors.

The Oasis network and its protocol

The platform blockchain Oasis works in proof of stake ( proof of stake ). This consensus mechanism is now widely used within decentralized networks, due to its low energy cost and its good compromise between decentralization, security and scalability.

By design, Oasis Network allows maximum decentralization , while remaining scalable

Indeed, the network must be able to process a large quantity of data , but being fast , and allowing to perform complex calculations on the latter.

The choice was therefore made to separate the consensus protocol from the calculation instances .

This makes it possible to alleviate the congestion problems which may arise on other networks. The consensus protocol is flexible : it is possible to change the mechanism according to technological advances.